North American Carbide

North American Carbide

At Reagan Enterprises, we utilize North American Carbide to fulfill your carbide insert and cutting tools needs, decreasing cycle times and maximizing tool life.

North American Carbide, a TND company, produces carbide inserts, ceramic inserts, PCD (polycrystalline diamond), CBN (cubic boron nitride), and silicone nitride cutting tools. In addition, they manufacture anything that holds an insert: tool holders, milling cutters, boring bars, and more. A persistent industry innovator, North American Carbide recently unveiled a new insert material called Cerbide, slated to increase cost savings in abrasive cutting applications.

North American Carbide specializes in tooling for a variety of industries such as: Aerospace, Power Generation, Medical, and more.

NAC is able to provide you with the highest quality and cost savings through several unique benefits:

  • Access to an On-Site Laboratory
  • Custom Engineering & Tooling
  • Statistical Process Control

In-process monitoring ensures conformance specification, process capability, and continuous improvement

In regard to coatings, North American Carbide has the engineering and product knowledge to accommodate your needs, including new coatings for titanium machining.

NAC also provides quality retipping and regrind services that result in the same or better quality as the original tool at enormous cost savings! Whether you’re looking to recondition or regrind milling inserts, turning inserts, threaded inserts, whiskered ceramics, PCBN, or PCD… North American can help you get the job done under budget with superior quality.

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